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The Marriot – Newcastle – England – United Kingdom

At lunchtime me, my sister, my mum and my dad arrived at the Marriot, Newcastle.

We had driven from Scotland and were glad to finally take a rest.


It was quite big and had a fancy looking entrance and I could see a sign for the bar and restaurant within it. Once we had checked in we got the lift to the fifth floor, walked a little then went into our room the door locking automatically behind us. Our room looked a little like this.

Family Room

I had soon finished unpacking even though we were only staying the weekend. I then made my mum and I a cup of tea which was delicious since I had not had one for weeks.

I then checked out the bathroom it was really cool with heated towel racks, a nice temperature shower and even some freebees. I mean, what more could you want!

Guest Bathroom

We the left and went to the MetroCentre which, if you didn’t know is Europe’s largest shopping mall. It was very big and confusing but had a lot of cool shops. when my dad, sister and I returned from the mall (my mum was still shopping) We decided to try out the pool it looked like this except with lots of people.*:423px

We stayed for 45 minutes-ish as it wasn’t very big. When we arrived back at our room we got dressed into formal/casual clothes to get ready for dinner as it was at a nice restaurant.

We were going to Carluccios(for more info see my review) after a lovely meal we walked back to the hotel, it was very close. The bed was soft but not too soft so I easily fell asleep.


In the morning, I went down for breakfast which was well, ANYTHING! I felt full afterwards but we were heading somewhere we were heading to Beamish. By this point we had already loaded our bags into the car and was sad to leave the hotel but oh well a hotels a hotel.

My sister (MrsJuniortravelfreak)has written a review on this.


I liked this hotel but it could do with a better pool .


Patak – Edinburgh – United Kingdom

Today my Mum, Dad, sister and I walked to an Indian restaurant called Patak. I opened the door and stepped inside, in front of me was a post saying ‘please wait to be seated’ so I listened and waited.

In a short time, a man walked up to us and I said “table for 4 please” so he asked us to sit at a table. I then looked at the menu thoroughly and chose a dish named ‘tikka masal’.

I then ordered my drink I ordered a mango juice which came 5 minutes later. I enjoyed my drink.

I then ordered my meal which arrived within an appropriate time. I tasted my chicken and tried it with some nan it was really nice. When I had finished my Dad asked for the bill.

When a man handed him a plate with the receipt on it I noticed some After Eights underneath it. I then ate one which tasted good. We then left and walked home I enjoyed that day and hope that if you go you enjoy yourself too.

Wok ‘n’ Spice, Glenrothes – United Kingdom

Last week on Sunday I went to Wok n Spice in Glenrothes.  I tasted lots of food.  I tasted Duck, Chicken Curry and Lemon Chicken. I also had some foods that I had already tasted.

My favourite food was the Banana Fritter for dessert.  I had two plates of food for the main course.

When we were leaving, there was a little market and there was lots of little toys. I got a little toy dragon – here is a photo of my dragon

Ben with Dragon


Albertos, Dunfermline – United Kingdom

We went out for lunch today because I wanted to take my great-gran out for lunch. I went to Alberto’s in Dunfermline with my great-gran, my TravelFreak Mum & Dad and my JuniorTravelFreak sister.

When we first arrived I wondered where we were going to sit as there were lots and lots of tables. When we first went in a man asked how many of us there were and offered us a choice of two places to sit.

I liked being in the restaurant; it looked like a nice place to have a meal. The restaurant looked a little fancy as there were some candles that get lit up at night but because we were there at lunchtime, the candles were not lit.

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