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Murrayfield Ice Rink – Edinburgh – United Kingdom

Today my Mum, Sister and I took the car to Murrayfield Ice Rink.

When we got there we parked, put our gloves on and joined the queue, it was warm inside. We bought tickets and walked to the skate hire, when we got there we swapped our shoes for skates and we put them on our feet.

We walked to the rink and went on the ice. It was quite slippery at first but with a few tries I was skating around with ease. My sister and I decided to play tig so I chased her around the rink. There were two men on the ice who were there to help if you fell or if your boots weren’t tight enough.

There were vending machines which my mum bought us water from it was £1.00.

It was about £15.00 for all of us to get in including skate hire. If you got there at the start the tickets lasted 2 hours. The parking was free.

You should were relativily warm clothing e.t.c hoodies, jumpers, gloves, joggies.

Parque de Ritiro, Madrid – Spain

I went to the Parque de Retiro with my Mummy, Daddy and brother. In the park, we went on a rowing boat and Mummy and Daddy rowed it. I got a shot of paddling the boat. I got splashed by the water fountain and my brother got soaking. In the water there were big fish that jumped out of the water. My brother took his t shirt off and his t shirt got even more wet so we had to let it dry in the sun. The boat was good fun. After it, I got a Haribo lolly from the van.

This is a picture of me and my brother:

Me and my brother beside the lake

Mummy says: Parque de Retiro rowing boats EUR 5.80 each. There is a maximum of 4 people per boat and under 14s must be accompanied by an adult. Over 65s get concession.