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Carluccio’s – Newcastle – England – United Kingdom

It was dinnertime and we were going to Carluccio’s, a restaurant in the Metrocentre.

It was Italian and I had not been before. It looked like this

Image result for carluccio's metrocentre




For starters, me and my sister had breadsticks (it came free with the kid’s meal) the waiter was Italian he was from Venice which is here.


He was very friendly too. The breadsticks were nice and had cheese or something n them which was tasty. Once we had finished I ordered lasagna, my sister ordered chicken Milanese with my dad and my mum ordered fish. When they arrived, my dad had a long conversation with the waiter who seemed like he could go on forever. Once they had finished we started to eat, my lasagna was delicious one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


I wolfed it down and was finished before everyone else. Soon everyone was finished and the plates were collected. After 10 minutes or so we ordered desserts I had some ice cream

Which was ok, it could have been better. When everyone was finished, the restaurant was empty so me and my mum went and bought a recipe book that was signed by the author, the owner of Carluccio’ mum then had a 20 MINUTE! Conversation with the manager whilst my dad was still talking to the waiter.


Finally, we were ready to go. It was a funky restaurant and I enjoyed going here.

The Marriot – Newcastle – England – United Kingdom

At lunchtime me, my sister, my mum and my dad arrived at the Marriot, Newcastle.

We had driven from Scotland and were glad to finally take a rest.


It was quite big and had a fancy looking entrance and I could see a sign for the bar and restaurant within it. Once we had checked in we got the lift to the fifth floor, walked a little then went into our room the door locking automatically behind us. Our room looked a little like this.

Family Room

I had soon finished unpacking even though we were only staying the weekend. I then made my mum and I a cup of tea which was delicious since I had not had one for weeks.

I then checked out the bathroom it was really cool with heated towel racks, a nice temperature shower and even some freebees. I mean, what more could you want!

Guest Bathroom

We the left and went to the MetroCentre which, if you didn’t know is Europe’s largest shopping mall. It was very big and confusing but had a lot of cool shops. when my dad, sister and I returned from the mall (my mum was still shopping) We decided to try out the pool it looked like this except with lots of people.*:423px

We stayed for 45 minutes-ish as it wasn’t very big. When we arrived back at our room we got dressed into formal/casual clothes to get ready for dinner as it was at a nice restaurant.

We were going to Carluccios(for more info see my review) after a lovely meal we walked back to the hotel, it was very close. The bed was soft but not too soft so I easily fell asleep.


In the morning, I went down for breakfast which was well, ANYTHING! I felt full afterwards but we were heading somewhere we were heading to Beamish. By this point we had already loaded our bags into the car and was sad to leave the hotel but oh well a hotels a hotel.

My sister (MrsJuniortravelfreak)has written a review on this.


I liked this hotel but it could do with a better pool .


Foundation Filon – La Hulpe – Brussels – Belgium

Today me mum and my sister walked to an art gallery, on the way we walked through a park which was very beautiful. My sister ran up the hill and I chased after her. We came up to a small farmhouse kinda place.

We went into a small room with a desk. Behind the desk there was a lady who said “bonjour”. We then bought tickets which were reasonably priced and she gave us directions around. She explained we walk through this gallery the cross over and use this keycard (which she gave us) to open it.

She then said go upstairs first and work your way down. The lady then said watch the video and pointed at a wall shaped like a book, it had a screen on it. We then looked at it and sure enough there was a bright light and the screen started displaying a video. It showed a hand drawing seagulls on a sheet of paper.

The seagulls came alive and flew around the room (in the video). Meanwhile there was a male voice talking about an artist who name I couldn’t pronounce (it was French). The video ended and displayed the artists name while pronouncing it. I tried to say it but still couldn’t. the lady at the desk then said “enjoy” but there was no entrance in sight.

Then as if to answer my question the wall (shaped like a book) moved inwards and revealed a dimly lit room filled with a selection of different corridors all of which were filled with paintings.



We walked in, I studied the picture very carefully to make sure I got every detail. . I saw a picture which seemed cool it looked like this:

I didn’t understand it so I asked my mum and she said “The artist did his work from his head to his brush) then I thought “well or pencil or oil pastel.” Well you get the point he drew from his head to whatever tool he was using.


We then walked through and looked a various different paintings which had other features using the same technique.


We walked round an aisle which had painting too but these were different as they were painted on stone which I found interesting.  I guess he was expressing his thoughts through his paintings as I felt they were all a little senseless.


There was a room which looked like glass but it actually was actually filled with mirrors! Each of the walls, the roof and the floor was made of mirrors.  If I looked down all I could see was the reelection of mirrors and 100s and 1000s of other mirrors.


We found a staircase which has music coming from it – it sounded as though something exciting was about to happen!  We went into the large room at the top of the staircase and found only 2 paintings.  The paintings were of people who had special features like an upturned nose or really big ears etc.!


Upon leaving the gallery there was a fountain which was a statue of the artist which looked like this:



We scanned our key card which allowed us access to another building. We walked up a staircase which had lots of lights shining in different colors.


This room had pictures of early comics like the early Dennis the Menace and Smurfs.


Next up we saw a full wall of Smurf comics – made of canvas!


There was lots of other stuff to see and a gift shop as well.


I really enjoyed my visit as I learned how early comics were made and who made then. Some of the paintings I saw were really cool too.



Atomium – Brussels – Belgium – Europe

Today my dad, sister, mum, and I got a car to the Atomium. When we arrived, I looked around and saw a building that looked like this.


I found it quite cool. We then went inside and bought a ticket. After that we caught a lift upstairs. The man inside told us that in the 1950’s the lift was the fastest in Europe. Here’s a picture of it.

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Murrayfield Ice Rink – Edinburgh – United Kingdom

Today my Mum, Sister and I took the car to Murrayfield Ice Rink.

When we got there we parked, put our gloves on and joined the queue, it was warm inside. We bought tickets and walked to the skate hire, when we got there we swapped our shoes for skates and we put them on our feet.

We walked to the rink and went on the ice. It was quite slippery at first but with a few tries I was skating around with ease. My sister and I decided to play tig so I chased her around the rink. There were two men on the ice who were there to help if you fell or if your boots weren’t tight enough.

There were vending machines which my mum bought us water from it was £1.00.

It was about £15.00 for all of us to get in including skate hire. If you got there at the start the tickets lasted 2 hours. The parking was free.

You should were relativily warm clothing e.t.c hoodies, jumpers, gloves, joggies.

Patak – Edinburgh – United Kingdom

Today my Mum, Dad, sister and I walked to an Indian restaurant called Patak. I opened the door and stepped inside, in front of me was a post saying ‘please wait to be seated’ so I listened and waited.

In a short time, a man walked up to us and I said “table for 4 please” so he asked us to sit at a table. I then looked at the menu thoroughly and chose a dish named ‘tikka masal’.

I then ordered my drink I ordered a mango juice which came 5 minutes later. I enjoyed my drink.

I then ordered my meal which arrived within an appropriate time. I tasted my chicken and tried it with some nan it was really nice. When I had finished my Dad asked for the bill.

When a man handed him a plate with the receipt on it I noticed some After Eights underneath it. I then ate one which tasted good. We then left and walked home I enjoyed that day and hope that if you go you enjoy yourself too.

E-VR – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Today my mum, sister and dad dropped me off at my friend’s birthday party, it was at E-VR. It was virtual reality so we got to put VR goggles on. When I got in, I hung up my coat and went into a pod. They put VR goggles and headphones on me. They also handed me two plastic poles. There were a wide variety of games to choose from, but I chose Star Wars first. In my opinion the Star Wars game wasn’t the best. The game I played after was much better as you got to draw around yourself and it was 3D. It was really awesome. Afterwards we were given a few snacks. At the end we were given cake and a party bag. I enjoyed that day and would definitely recommend going.

Dynamic Earth- Edinburgh- United Kingdom

Hello, today we got a bus and walked to Dynamic earth. It looked like a big tent except it was made of metal. There were double doors so my mum (MrsTravelFreak), my sister (MrsJuniortravelfreak) and I walked in.

As soon as we got in, right in front of us was a huge metal dome. It had lots of wires and cables going round it and I later found out it was from the theater down stairs. There was also a café with lots of tables and there was a ticket kiosk. WE then walked to the kiosk

We were given complimentary tickets from a friend who worked there, the woman at the desk was quite friendly.

We then walked down a set of stairs and walked into a room where  there were paintings that moved and showed us facts about the man who first thought that the earth had several layers. We then moved into another part which showed all the different temperatures of the earth. There was a few 3-year-old jumping around looking forward to going to an apparent time travel machine.

I then looked at a sign pointing towards a lift saying time travel machine. So I pressed the button to call for the lift and a few moments later the lift pings and the doors open. Inside it was like cargo lift so pretty big and on all of the walls were screens and a recorded voice said “welcome fellow time travelers hold on for we are going to when time first began. The doors then closed and all of the screens lit up and a dial with a pointer spun on the screen and was going moving different dates rapidly.

We then got off the lift and a woman working there said “hello welcome to my spaceship the world has not yet been made”. We all then looked at a screen that showed us the big bang, all of the asteroids, the sun being made, the moon being made, earth being made and the galaxy forming. It was interesting. we then moved into a room that on speakers said you are now in a volcano when earth is 4 billion years old.

It explained the earth separating and rejoining it said the continents move at the speed of how our fingernails grow. It then explained the volcano erupting and it shook the floor. We then moved in to a room that was covered in plastic iceon the wall there was a screen explaining the cold climates.

After that we walked into a room and  a screen there was an animated man and I guessed that a man was talking into a speaker and pressing buttons. This was a room where we could look around so we looked around for a while until we were told to be seated in a seperate room. So we walked in, the seats were slanted backwards so i sat down and watched a clip about astroids. It was really interesting.

I then walked out,walked to the giftshop and bought some crystals. I enjoyed that day it was really fun, I recommend you go.

Edinburgh Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland – United Kingdom

ereToday I got in my car and my mum drove me to Edinburgh I was going with my mum and my sister. We were going to the Edinburgh museum.

When we got in there was a lady at a till, we paid for a ticket and I picked up a map. We then walked into the museum when we got inside we walked into the Scottish history section. There were loads of old jewelry and coffins. One thing that caught my eye was a chest that had a very complicated lock, the sign above it said that the lock had fifteen mini combination locks all in one. We then moved on to another part of the museum this part was displaying futuristic models.

There were robots, racing cars and loads of other cool machines. I played with a robot and then I made a hot air balloon fly; I really enjoyed that part. We then went to eat our lunch at a café, while my sister and mum were finishing their lunch I went to have a little look around. I saw a few things but nothing exciting until I saw a Lego structure of the museum it was really good



Next we went to the animal part of the museum. There were dinosaurs, peacocks, lions, fox’s and lots more it looked really good. There were also 2 telescopes one that showed you what you would see if you were a beetle and the other showed you what you would see if you were a dragonfly.

That was also fun. After that we went to the best photographer of the year exhibition. There were loads of amazing photos my favorite was a photo of a gorilla in a black background. We then went to a dinosaur part for kids there was dressing up and a few dinosaur board games. that part was ok.

We then went to the ancient Egyptian part there were mummy’s and tomb stones. I really liked one of the tomb stones it was colorful one and it had loads of cool patterns on it. I thoroughly enjoyed that part.

We then went to the roof terrace it had great view. We then went down the stairs into a room that was filled with train models. They looked really good.

After that we went down to the fashion part there were clothes from lots of different times some of them were very strange. There was also a stand that you could put your head through

I really enjoyed my visit to the museum and I hope you do too.

Sungei Baloh-Singapore-Asia

Today we got the Mrt to Kranji then we got the bus to the wetland reserve. When we got there, there was five different paths to follow so we chose one, as soon as we got in I spotted a pirate spider.

It was the size of my hand and it was on a web. We then moved on and got to the swamp. We walked on to a wooden platform that towered over it and looked. We saw needle fish, lots of mud skippers and some crab spider ants.

We read a sign and it said that the crab spider ants are actually spiders but disguise themselves as their prey (ants).

We moved on to the bigger platform it was longer than the last one. When we walked across we saw some huts.2016-05-08 13.05.46

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