Atomium – Brussels – Belgium – Europe

Today my dad, sister, mum, and I got a car to the Atomium. When we arrived, I looked around and saw a building that looked like this.


I found it quite cool. We then went inside and bought a ticket. After that we caught a lift upstairs. The man inside told us that in the 1950’s the lift was the fastest in Europe. Here’s a picture of it.

We walked out and looked out the window, we were very high up. Below the window there was a map of what was outside it. It showed the distance to relatively nearby major cities.

I then saw two souvenir machines. One costed 2 euro and the other costed one euro so I decided to get the two euro one thinking that it is better. Something came out but it wasn’t a coin souvenir it was a note souvenir.

We then looked through different windows which each had their own map.

After that we got some stairs down and looked at models of 1950 planes.

It was good. After that we looked at information about the airline ‘Sabena‘. We then walked up some stairs and got onto a floor that explained the building and planning of the Atomium.

We went down a lift that light up with changing colours. We then looked at clothing on the Sabena. It showed the Pilot, the Steward, the Passengers and lots more. After that we went into the gift shop but found nothing that excited us so we left.

It was fun I recommend that you go.








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