Patak – Edinburgh – United Kingdom

Today my Mum, Dad, sister and I walked to an Indian restaurant called Patak. I opened the door and stepped inside, in front of me was a post saying ‘please wait to be seated’ so I listened and waited.

In a short time, a man walked up to us and I said “table for 4 please” so he asked us to sit at a table. I then looked at the menu thoroughly and chose a dish named ‘tikka masal’.

I then ordered my drink I ordered a mango juice which came 5 minutes later. I enjoyed my drink.

I then ordered my meal which arrived within an appropriate time. I tasted my chicken and tried it with some nan it was really nice. When I had finished my Dad asked for the bill.

When a man handed him a plate with the receipt on it I noticed some After Eights underneath it. I then ate one which tasted good. We then left and walked home I enjoyed that day and hope that if you go you enjoy yourself too.

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