Edinburgh Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland – United Kingdom

ereToday I got in my car and my mum drove me to Edinburgh I was going with my mum and my sister. We were going to the Edinburgh museum.

When we got in there was a lady at a till, we paid for a ticket and I picked up a map. We then walked into the museum when we got inside we walked into the Scottish history section. There were loads of old jewelry and coffins. One thing that caught my eye was a chest that had a very complicated lock, the sign above it said that the lock had fifteen mini combination locks all in one. We then moved on to another part of the museum this part was displaying futuristic models.

There were robots, racing cars and loads of other cool machines. I played with a robot and then I made a hot air balloon fly; I really enjoyed that part. We then went to eat our lunch at a café, while my sister and mum were finishing their lunch I went to have a little look around. I saw a few things but nothing exciting until I saw a Lego structure of the museum it was really good



Next we went to the animal part of the museum. There were dinosaurs, peacocks, lions, fox’s and lots more it looked really good. There were also 2 telescopes one that showed you what you would see if you were a beetle and the other showed you what you would see if you were a dragonfly.

That was also fun. After that we went to the best photographer of the year exhibition. There were loads of amazing photos my favorite was a photo of a gorilla in a black background. We then went to a dinosaur part for kids there was dressing up and a few dinosaur board games. that part was ok.

We then went to the ancient Egyptian part there were mummy’s and tomb stones. I really liked one of the tomb stones it was colorful one and it had loads of cool patterns on it. I thoroughly enjoyed that part.

We then went to the roof terrace it had great view. We then went down the stairs into a room that was filled with train models. They looked really good.

After that we went down to the fashion part there were clothes from lots of different times some of them were very strange. There was also a stand that you could put your head through

I really enjoyed my visit to the museum and I hope you do too.

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