Jurong Bird Park-Singapore-Asia

Today my mum, sister and I got the Mrt to Boon Lay then got the bus to where we were going, Jurong Bird park.

When we got in we went to the penguins, they had emperor penguins, King penguins, Adélie penguins, African penguins, Gentoo penguins, Humboldt penguin, Southern rock hopper penguins and Royal penguins.

Next we went to the owl house, there was a sign that said keep quiet but nobody did. It was very loud but the owl’s greatness overcame the silence. They had lots of owls including Barn owls, Screech owls, Southern and Northern white faced owls plus Horned owls. They were all very interesting.

After that we went through this path that had cages. In the cages there were loads of different types of birds. Some fierce, some colourful, some big, some small, but all wonderful. Then we came to a ranger centre, it had a café so we went in. My sister and I (Mrs juniortravelfreak) had a snack and looked around while my mum (Mrs travelfreak) had a salad.

When we were about to leave my mum spotted another exit so we went through there but what came into our eyes was unbelievable. There were at least 80 wild birds, I was flabbergasted. There were also lots of people feeding them. My sister and I went and bought some bird food and guess what happened…IMG_0684 2

They immediately jumped on my shoulder and had some food, different birds repeated this step until I had no food left. So that was my experience at the feeding bit of the bird park. Next we went to the Flamingoes and we got a picture with them.

After that we went to the pelican part, they told us facts about the different pelicans, I got one right so they gave me a stamp on my hand.

Next we went to redeem the free fish that I got because I had a stamp. We used the fish to feed the pelicans. There was a toddler girl that was crying and didn’t have fish so I gave her some, so the man handing out fish gave me another bag for free. I thanked him and threw it to the pelicans.

We then moved on to the water play part, it was cool there was lots of fountains and water structures, there was also an ice cream store. We then left and got the bus home. That was my day at Jurong Bird park. I highly recommend that you go.

Bye for now Mr juniortavelfreakuk.com






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