Singapore Art Science Museum

We went to an art science museum in Singapore and the first thing we saw were lots of lights but they were shaped like flower and they reflected on you.


Then we saw waves and you could lie on the beanbag and watch it and see if it moves or not. What do you see? Afterwards you will see a tunnel take your shoes of and go in.

You will be able to make your own rocket, car or a truck and you could colour it in then just put it in the machine that says press me once and you would see it driving on the screen or flying.

My truck moving on the screen!


There were was also light up blocks what if you put beside each other they would talk to each other and you could build a house and you can hide from your parents.

The lights were cool and I could hide from mum and dad

The next thing we saw was Make your own jellyfish so you could colour in a jelly fish, turtle, whale or a dolphin then you would see it in the sea. There were also balls what you could play with. And you could make your own pattern and do it on a jumping thing. And this was the last thing I saw


2016-03-26 11.49.55

I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too?

Aimee x

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