Future World-Arts Science Museum-Singapore

Today we went to Future world at arts science museum, it was all about new technology and what you could do with it. First we went into a room which had animated petals, flowers and butterflies on a screen. It looks quite awesome when it shines on you.

Next we went into a room where it had waves and the waves were going further and further up to the land. it was showing you how very gradually if the world keeps on getting destroyed then in many many years the land will go into the sea.

You could make your own truck, car or rocket out of paper in this room then scan it and it wold appear on the screen and drive on the road.

My Car

Then we found some light up blocks that you could play and stack with but it was annoying when the safety guard said to stack less than 3 blocks.



Afterwards we went to to another room which was the same except it was ocean animals.



finally we went to a room that was full of lights and when you got to the end you could go to a website and pick a star then it would show the reaction related to the star.2016-03-26 11.49.54

I really enjoyed myself I would definitely recommend that you go

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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