My Pet Dragon Story

One sunny day Ryan and his dog Rocco were at the beach playing catch; when Ryan found a metal box in the ground. He was curios of it. He picked it up and Rocco sniffed it then wiped the sand of. It was a safe!

Ryan was surprised but he was more interested in the righting on it because it said, “when you were born is the code to unlock this”. So Ryan typed in 2008 and to his relief the door creaked open and there on a golden plate with a diamond coin. Ryan gasped he thought he was dreaming so he rubbed his eyes he wasn’t dreaming   the egg was red and green with blue stripes. There was a crystal on top with a gold dragon souvenir inside. Ryan took the safe home it was heavy. When they got home Ryan asked his dad if he could borrow his computer he said “yes of course”. So then they asked their mum for a magnifiying glass. Mum said “yes”. Rocco brought his squeaky bone then Ryan carried everything upstairs to his bedroom. He studied the diamond coin but he saw a button on it. The egg suddenly cracked open and out from the egg fell a weird looking beast. It was…it was a dragon!

Ryan was so surprised, he squeaked “Hello?” The dragon said proudly “Hey – I’m Burnie”. Ryan asked, “What are you?” “What am I? I’m a dragon…duh!” said Burnie.

Rocco had ran into his bed downstairs to hide. Ryan took Burnie downstairs to talk to him. “Where are you from?” Ryan asked. “I’m from Dugaland. I’m a Blackobatosaurus replied Burnie.

Ryan said “Would you like something to eat?” Burnie ran to the kitchen and ate everything in sight…the he grew bigger and bigger and bigger!


Ryan was surprised. He thought that Burnie must have been really hungry! Ryan took Burnie outside to teach him how to fly. Burnie looped the loop and then flew towards the clouds…and landed in a tree. He hurt his wing so Ryan gave him a plaster. Burnie decided not to try and fly again, and practiced blowing flames. He managed to set Rocco’s tail on fire! Rocco got a plaster from Mum but she wasn’t happy that Rocco had fire on his tail. Burnie lived in the garage after that!

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