Gardens By The Bay

Today I met my Dad’s friend Ahsik. He is very nice and has two daughters. They even brought a spare scooter for my sister and me. We met him at the Gardens By The Bay, which is a place that has one of the biggest green houses in the world, lots of flowers and wonderful lights, big metal trees that have green plants growing around them.

Gardens by the bay


We went for dinner at ‘Satay by the Bay’ which is a hawker market. It was outside but as it was HOT, we liked it better outside. There were lots of stalls with different kinds of food like: Prata (which is a yummy type of bread which is served with a tasty sauce), seafood, lots of drinks including fresh sugar cane juice and coconut juice which was served in a coconut. Of course there was lots of Satay being cooked on huge fire grills too.

I tried some king prawns (but didn’t really like them) and lots of other things. I liked the Chicken Satay the most.

After dinner we went waking around the gardens and saw some of the light show – there was music and different colours of lights. It was really cool.

We found some big hills which were really good fun to go down on the scooters. I went really fast.

If you are going to visit Gardens by The Bay then you might want to think about bringing a scooter.

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