Travelling to Singapore!

Today I went to Singapore! It took a very long time on the first plane but we had a TV and nintendo 3 DS (a cool one) so it didn’t feel like a long time. The same plane had ten seats going across (instead of four seats like other planes) but it didn’t have an upstairs.  The second plane did have an upstairs which I’ll tell you about later.  During the flight, we got lunch.  I was given a kids meal which had some chicken and potatoes, bread, a nice pudding of blueberry tart.  I was also given a cool box of nice things like Wotsits, a Kit-Kat and some other stuff.

When we arrived in Dubai we went to a lounge because it took ages for our next flight.  We ate some curry. My mum had a really SPICY one I had a spicy Tika Masala and my Dad and sister had something else that I forgot. Then our plane arrived and we got on it.  There was an upstairs for Business and First class customers only but we weren’t Business or First class customers this time (my dad kept moaning about it), so we sat downstairs. This plane had a TV and nintendo 3 DS too but they were not as good as the first plane.

After another eight hours we arrived in Singapore and my sister said wow because it was cold on the plane and outside in Singapore is warmer than it is inside.

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