A trip to the Edinburgh Fringe!

Today I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and watched 2 shows.

I got the train to Edinburgh with my sister from Markinch train station.  At the station I saw a huge vegetable which had a note on it saying it had been grown in Markinch and you should take it!  Here is a picture of me with it:

It was huge!

My Dad took 2 pictures close together and they look funny when they move.  What do you think:

Look at my face!

On the train I read a book to my sister.  It was ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.  We went to see the first show, which was about a missing goose and had a man dressed up as a woman.  I though the show was pretty good and quite funny.

After watching the show we went to a place called The Pleasance which had a big tent for kids.  I got to make my own T-shirt:

Making my T-shirt

Do you like it?

Tracing Bart!

My sister got to colour in a T-shirt as well:

Aimee colouring her T-shirt

Because I drew my own T-shirt, I took a bit longer than she did so Dad took some more pictures of her:

Aimee the Thing!

Aimee took a bath!

We went to look for lunch and went to a place called the Grassmarket.  Dad says that we will come here and drink beer when I am older.  I thought I could have some Peroni!  We saw a woman playing the accordion and she was using her feet to move a puppet to dance to the music.  I thought it was cool!

I was really hungry so asked Dad for a Crepe from the French van.  A Crepe looks like a pancake but you use it like a wrap and put stuff inside it.  I had cheese and ham in mine and it tasted brilliant!  Suddenly, it stared to rain a lot!  We got really wet and couldn’t get into any restaurants to hide in as they were all full.  We eventually went to a place called the City Restaurant and I got to have a nice pudding called a Banofee Sundae.  It tasted brilliant but I got a bit full!

After pudding, we went to a comedy show called Comedy Club 4 Kids.  We were a bit early so we got to sit in the front row.  One of the people who were making us laugh asked me to get on the stage and make noises like a drum. I thought it was really funny and giggled a lot but he had recorded the giggle which then got played over and over again which made everyone laugh a lot.  It was REALLY hilarious!!!

On the way back we heard some noises across the road and went to look.  There was a man juggling with a chain saw, and grenade and some swords!  He then lay on a big bed of nails which looked really sore.  A woman then put one foot on his tummy and another foot on his leg and then stood on his tummy with both legs.  When he stood up he had little marks on his back from the spikes.  It looked REALLY sore.  I put some money in his hat.

We then got a really busy train home.  I was lucky to get a seat.  There was a paper in the seat which I was looking at.  I didn’t know that Dad took a picture of me:

I was reading the paper!

I had a really fun day and would really like to go back!

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