Day 3 – Madrid to Barcelona

Today we had breakfast at a small café.  I had a croissant, some Spanish omelette (although we asked for pancakes and cream which was on the menu!) and some small delicious cakes with chocolate and cream!  I was quite excited to have chocolate for breakfast!

We then left the hotel in a taxi and went to the main train station in Madrid which is called Puerta AtochaThe train station was very busy with lots of people and our train left from platform number 5.  Inside the train station there were some huge trees like a jungle – in the middle of the train station!  I thought this was strange.

Here is a picture of me in the station:

Me looking cool at the station

I thought the train was unusual because it looked a bit weird, with the front being carved diagonally into a shape.  Daddy says this is to help it go really fast – which it did – look at my picture:

Look how fast we were going!

It took nearly 3 hours to get to Barcelona so we played snap for a bit and then other card games.  The view from the window was cool – there were lots of mountains and trees – Daddy thinks we saw Olive trees and some ‘vines’ which are used to make wine!

View from the train window



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