Day 1 – Madrid, Spain

Once we had been to our hotel, we walked to the metro and got a metro to ‘Sol’. We walked to Mercado de San Miguel. In the Mercado we got some salami, some sandwiches with cheese and ham, some cheese and ham croquettes and some other things. They were all really tasty.  Here is a picture of people in the market:

The market was cool

I might want to go back for lunch another day because they had lots and lots of yummy puddings and I haven’t had one yet!  Here is a picture of my Daddy’s favourite thing from the day:

Daddy really liked it

I also saw these and thought my Mummy would like them – but i certainly wouldn’t!

Hot chillies!

On the way to the park after, we saw lots of street performers, one was a dancing flapping pony. It was crazy. We also saw a Mickey and a Super Mario and a Minnie Mouse.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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