A night out at a Ceilidh!

Last night I went to ceilidh with my Dad, Mum, Aimee and my great-gran who had told us about it and bought the tickets!

It took a long time for everyone to arrive but a kind and old woman kept giving my sister and I some crisps in a bowl.  When we were walking to the ceilidh hall, it was raining heavily.  There were about 50 people there by the time everyone arrived.

My great gran knew lots of people in the band.  People in the band played an Accordion, some drums and the violin.  There were some huge speakers too which made everything sound a bit louder!

The first dance was called the Gay Gordons but I wasn’t brave enough to join in.  For the second dance, we had to stand in a big circle with our partners (I danced with my mum and Aimee danced with Dad) and walk into the middle of the circle twice and then the girls had to walk into the middle of the circle and then only the boys walked into the middle of the circle.  The boys had to shout ‘FREEDOM’ when they got into the middle!  I was good at this dance and shouted the loudest!

We danced for almost all of the other dances and we all got a bit hot!  We met lots of new people and danced with most of them.  I thought it was really fun.

After we had been dancing for ages, there was a break.  Some tables were brought out and lots of nice food was put on them.  I had some pancakes, sausage rolls, an egg sandwich, a cake with strawberries and chocolate sprinkles on it and some juice.

We stayed for another few dances after the break but it was getting very late – 10pm! – so we came home.

I really enjoyed myself and I would like to go to the next ceilidh.

Have you ever been to a ceilidh?  What did you think?  Are you coming to Scotland to visit and would like to know some more?  Leave me a comment below!


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