Tentsmuir Forest, St Andrews – United Kingdom

On Saturday I went to Tentsmure forest and beach.

It took along time in the car to get there, so, on the way I played with my big brother.  We played ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ and lots of other games.  It was fun!

When we finally got there, we were in a deep dark forest!  We walked for a very long time and then found a house that was used by fishermen in the olden days to keep their fish cool.

We kept walking and found an old trailer train – in the olden days it would have been on a track and people used it to shoot at during target practice!  It was really rusty – look at the picture I took:

Rusty Train!

When we finally got to the beach, I picked up some sea shells and put them in a bag to take some home.

We had our packed lunch on a rock.  After that I got changed into my swimming stuff and went into the huge rock pool which had some sharp leftovers of a building in it.

I played in the rock pool with my dog – he liked to paddle lots but it got really deep at some bits and I got a bit cold.

Dog in Rock Pool

There were other rock pools too which I played in with my dog, he kept trying to catch the water I kicked at him and he chased me in the pool.

I had lots of fun and I would really like to go back again.  On the way home we stopped off for an ice cream which I will tell you about another day.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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