Golden Acorn, Glenrothes – United Kingdom

Today at lunchtime I went to the Golden Acorn with my sister and my TravelFreak Dad because I was off school for Easter.

We picked a table by the window.  Dad went to find kids menus for us and came back with menus and colouring pencils.  The kids menu had stuff to do in it like a word search, draw your own picture and a maze.

Dad went to the bar to tell them what we wanted.  I think it would have been better if someone asked us for our orders instead of him having to go up to the bar.

Dad came back with my drink of apple juice. It came in a plastic cup but it looked like it was made of glass!!

There were some pictures on the walls of things that were built a long time ago.  They were quite fancy and I drew a picture of one of them on my menu.  Here it is:

My drawing!

I thought that it took a long time for our food to arrive. My main course was sausages, mashed potato and beans.  The beans and the sausages weren’t hot enough – they were quit cold.

I pinched one of my Dad’s poppadum’s which didn’t taste nice because the first bite that I took wasn’t cooked and it was really GROSS!!  Then I had a bit of garlic bread it was quite cold. Finally I ate my fruit which was grapes and apples. I thought that you could pick whatever fruit you wanted but you can’t AND THAT’S SAD!

I done the word search and I found all of the words easily!! If the word search was much bigger, the words would be less easily found.  In the menu, on the bit that you draw your picture on it said ‘hand your picture into the bar and it might be on the wall the next time you come’.  I looked around but there weren’t any pictures here.  When the kids hand there pictures in they loose them forever and that makes me very grumpy!!!

I would eat the food again if I had to, but I would prefer to go to Frankie and Benny’s or Pizza Express next time.

PS. Our table had one chair spare so we put our jackets on that chair.

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