The Balgeddie Toll Tavern, Near Kinross – United Kingdom

My sister (the other JuniorTravelFreak) was taking part in a dance show so my dad said we could go out for tea.  We got in the car and he asked me to tell him which direction to go in!  We drove through Scotlandwell and then we saw the Balgeddie Toll Tavern.  Dad turned the car into the car park and took the last space!

When we got out of the car, I thought that the pub looked very old.  There were some people sitting outside eating and drinking but we decided to go inside.  We sat at a table and were then told to move to another table because someone else had booked.

The pub had lots of pretend candles all around and there were lots of wine glasses on the roof of the bar.  This made the pub feel old fashioned.

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Tentsmuir Forest, St Andrews – United Kingdom

On Saturday I went to Tentsmure forest and beach.

It took along time in the car to get there, so, on the way I played with my big brother.  We played ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ and lots of other games.  It was fun!

When we finally got there, we were in a deep dark forest!  We walked for a very long time and then found a house that was used by fishermen in the olden days to keep their fish cool.

We kept walking and found an old trailer train – in the olden days it would have been on a track and people used it to shoot at during target practice!  It was really rusty – look at the picture I took:

Rusty Train!

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Wok ‘n’ Spice, Glenrothes – United Kingdom

Last week on Sunday I went to Wok n Spice in Glenrothes.  I tasted lots of food.  I tasted Duck, Chicken Curry and Lemon Chicken. I also had some foods that I had already tasted.

My favourite food was the Banana Fritter for dessert.  I had two plates of food for the main course.

When we were leaving, there was a little market and there was lots of little toys. I got a little toy dragon – here is a photo of my dragon

Ben with Dragon


Eagles in Budapest

Budapest is split by the river Danube.  On one side of the river is Buda and on the other side of the river is Pest.  I was walking from our hotel in Buda to Pest when I saw a man holding an eagle.  I gave him some money and he let me hold the bird.

Ben with an Eagle in Budapest


It was funny because the bird tried to fly away and eat another bird!

Albertos, Dunfermline – United Kingdom

We went out for lunch today because I wanted to take my great-gran out for lunch. I went to Alberto’s in Dunfermline with my great-gran, my TravelFreak Mum & Dad and my JuniorTravelFreak sister.

When we first arrived I wondered where we were going to sit as there were lots and lots of tables. When we first went in a man asked how many of us there were and offered us a choice of two places to sit.

I liked being in the restaurant; it looked like a nice place to have a meal. The restaurant looked a little fancy as there were some candles that get lit up at night but because we were there at lunchtime, the candles were not lit.

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A Dolly in Budapest

I went to Budapest a little while ago and when i first got there I went to a shop.  The shop had a really nice dolly that I liked.  I asked Mummy if I could get it and she said “yes!”  Here is a picture of me back at home with the dolly:

Aimee with her dolly!

Golden Acorn, Glenrothes – United Kingdom

Today at lunchtime I went to the Golden Acorn with my sister and my TravelFreak Dad because I was off school for Easter.

We picked a table by the window.  Dad went to find kids menus for us and came back with menus and colouring pencils.  The kids menu had stuff to do in it like a word search, draw your own picture and a maze.

Dad went to the bar to tell them what we wanted.  I think it would have been better if someone asked us for our orders instead of him having to go up to the bar.

Dad came back with my drink of apple juice. It came in a plastic cup but it looked like it was made of glass!!

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