Sungei Baloh-Singapore-Asia

Today we got the Mrt to Kranji then we got the bus to the wetland reserve. When we got there, there was five different paths to follow so we chose one, as soon as we got in I spotted a pirate spider.

It was the size of my hand and it was on a web. We then moved on and got to the swamp. We walked on to a wooden platform that towered over it and looked. We saw needle fish, lots of mud skippers and some crab spider ants.

We read a sign and it said that the crab spider ants are actually spiders but disguise themselves as their prey (ants).

We moved on to the bigger platform it was longer than the last one. When we walked across we saw some huts.2016-05-08 13.05.46

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Jurong Bird Park-Singapore-Asia

Today my mum, sister and I got the Mrt to Boon Lay then got the bus to where we were going, Jurong Bird park.

When we got in we went to the penguins, they had emperor penguins, King penguins, Adélie penguins, African penguins, Gentoo penguins, Humboldt penguin, Southern rock hopper penguins and Royal penguins.

Next we went to the owl house, there was a sign that said keep quiet but nobody did. It was very loud but the owl’s greatness overcame the silence. They had lots of owls including Barn owls, Screech owls, Southern and Northern white faced owls plus Horned owls. They were all very interesting.

After that we went through this path that had cages. In the cages there were loads of different types of birds. Some fierce, some colourful, some big, some small, but all wonderful. Then we came to a ranger centre, it had a café so we went in. My sister and I (Mrs juniortravelfreak) had a snack and looked around while my mum (Mrs travelfreak) had a salad.

When we were about to leave my mum spotted another exit so we went through there but what came into our eyes was unbelievable. There were at least 80 wild birds, I was flabbergasted. There were also lots of people feeding them. My sister and I went and bought some bird food and guess what happened…IMG_0684 2

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Future World-Arts Science Museum-Singapore

Today we went to Future world at arts science museum, it was all about new technology and what you could do with it. First we went into a room which had animated petals, flowers and butterflies on a screen. It looks quite awesome when it shines on you.

Next we went into a room where it had waves and the waves were going further and further up to the land. it was showing you how very gradually if the world keeps on getting destroyed then in many many years the land will go into the sea.

You could make your own truck, car or rocket out of paper in this room then scan it and it wold appear on the screen and drive on the road.

My Car

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Singapore Art Science Museum

We went to an art science museum in Singapore and the first thing we saw were lots of lights but they were shaped like flower and they reflected on you.


Then we saw waves and you could lie on the beanbag and watch it and see if it moves or not. What do you see? Afterwards you will see a tunnel take your shoes of and go in.

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Margaritas, Dempsey Hill – Singapore

Today we went to a restaurant with my mum, dad and sister, it was called Margaritas. You might think that it was a pizza place but it was not, it was Mexican. We went in and the waiter gave us a table it was very busy. Then we ordered I ordered some chicken and beef wraps, my dad said it would be big and that I should share it with my sister so I did as he said and asked the waiter to give us an extra plate. My mum had something spicy because she loves spicy and my dad had some chicken wraps. We then talked for a little while and before long our nachos came. We ate some nachos but we were all very thirsty. Finally after a long wait our drinks came. My sister and I had a lime juice my mum had a weird drink and my dad had some beer. Then after a little wait we got our meals my wraps were amazing. After eating we went to the toilet paid the bill and drove of.

I think that you should go here.



My Pet Dragon Story

One sunny day Ryan and his dog Rocco were at the beach playing catch; when Ryan found a metal box in the ground. He was curios of it. He picked it up and Rocco sniffed it then wiped the sand of. It was a safe!

Ryan was surprised but he was more interested in the righting on it because it said, “when you were born is the code to unlock this”. So Ryan typed in 2008 and to his relief the door creaked open and there on a golden plate with a diamond coin. Ryan gasped he thought he was dreaming so he rubbed his eyes he wasn’t dreaming   the egg was red and green with blue stripes. There was a crystal on top with a gold dragon souvenir inside. Ryan took the safe home it was heavy. When they got home Ryan asked his dad if he could borrow his computer he said “yes of course”. So then they asked their mum for a magnifiying glass. Mum said “yes”. Rocco brought his squeaky bone then Ryan carried everything upstairs to his bedroom. He studied the diamond coin but he saw a button on it. The egg suddenly cracked open and out from the egg fell a weird looking beast. It was…it was a dragon!

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Glasgow Science Centre – United Kingdom

Today we went to Glasgow science centre and we first went to the 3rd floor and we got to get a card that you could save your progress on. we did loads of stuff then we went to floor two and did some more interesting stuff we also got to feel a real lung

It's a real lung!

Then we went to floor one we got to do even more cool stuff after that we had lunch and above us there was a thing where balls travelled through a circuit it was cool I would go again

Gardens By The Bay

Today I met my Dad’s friend Ahsik. He is very nice and has two daughters. They even brought a spare scooter for my sister and me. We met him at the Gardens By The Bay, which is a place that has one of the biggest green houses in the world, lots of flowers and wonderful lights, big metal trees that have green plants growing around them.

Gardens by the bay


We went for dinner at ‘Satay by the Bay’ which is a hawker market. It was outside but as it was HOT, we liked it better outside. There were lots of stalls with different kinds of food like: Prata (which is a yummy type of bread which is served with a tasty sauce), seafood, lots of drinks including fresh sugar cane juice and coconut juice which was served in a coconut. Of course there was lots of Satay being cooked on huge fire grills too.

I tried some king prawns (but didn’t really like them) and lots of other things. I liked the Chicken Satay the most.

After dinner we went waking around the gardens and saw some of the light show – there was music and different colours of lights. It was really cool.

We found some big hills which were really good fun to go down on the scooters. I went really fast.

If you are going to visit Gardens by The Bay then you might want to think about bringing a scooter.

My Cards

Today I went to school and I enjoyed it but when I came back my dad had

Made me these:


I was so surprised I knew he was going to make them at some point but now.

I was so exited to have such an awesome surprise oh my gosh!! I will be handing these out to the places I enjoyed. BYE!!!  

Travelling to Singapore!

Today I went to Singapore! It took a very long time on the first plane but we had a TV and nintendo 3 DS (a cool one) so it didn’t feel like a long time. The same plane had ten seats going across (instead of four seats like other planes) but it didn’t have an upstairs.  The second plane did have an upstairs which I’ll tell you about later.  During the flight, we got lunch.  I was given a kids meal which had some chicken and potatoes, bread, a nice pudding of blueberry tart.  I was also given a cool box of nice things like Wotsits, a Kit-Kat and some other stuff.

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