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Foundation Filon – La Hulpe – Brussels – Belgium

Today me mum and my sister walked to an art gallery, on the way we walked through a park which was very beautiful. My sister ran up the hill and I chased after her. We came up to a small farmhouse kinda place.

We went into a small room with a desk. Behind the desk there was a lady who said “bonjour”. We then bought tickets which were reasonably priced and she gave us directions around. She explained we walk through this gallery the cross over and use this keycard (which she gave us) to open it.

She then said go upstairs first and work your way down. The lady then said watch the video and pointed at a wall shaped like a book, it had a screen on it. We then looked at it and sure enough there was a bright light and the screen started displaying a video. It showed a hand drawing seagulls on a sheet of paper.

The seagulls came alive and flew around the room (in the video). Meanwhile there was a male voice talking about an artist who name I couldn’t pronounce (it was French). The video ended and displayed the artists name while pronouncing it. I tried to say it but still couldn’t. the lady at the desk then said “enjoy” but there was no entrance in sight.

Then as if to answer my question the wall (shaped like a book) moved inwards and revealed a dimly lit room filled with a selection of different corridors all of which were filled with paintings.



We walked in, I studied the picture very carefully to make sure I got every detail. . I saw a picture which seemed cool it looked like this:

I didn’t understand it so I asked my mum and she said “The artist did his work from his head to his brush) then I thought “well or pencil or oil pastel.” Well you get the point he drew from his head to whatever tool he was using.


We then walked through and looked a various different paintings which had other features using the same technique.


We walked round an aisle which had painting too but these were different as they were painted on stone which I found interesting.  I guess he was expressing his thoughts through his paintings as I felt they were all a little senseless.


There was a room which looked like glass but it actually was actually filled with mirrors! Each of the walls, the roof and the floor was made of mirrors.  If I looked down all I could see was the reelection of mirrors and 100s and 1000s of other mirrors.


We found a staircase which has music coming from it – it sounded as though something exciting was about to happen!  We went into the large room at the top of the staircase and found only 2 paintings.  The paintings were of people who had special features like an upturned nose or really big ears etc.!


Upon leaving the gallery there was a fountain which was a statue of the artist which looked like this:



We scanned our key card which allowed us access to another building. We walked up a staircase which had lots of lights shining in different colors.


This room had pictures of early comics like the early Dennis the Menace and Smurfs.


Next up we saw a full wall of Smurf comics – made of canvas!


There was lots of other stuff to see and a gift shop as well.


I really enjoyed my visit as I learned how early comics were made and who made then. Some of the paintings I saw were really cool too.



E-VR – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Today my mum, sister and dad dropped me off at my friend’s birthday party, it was at E-VR. It was virtual reality so we got to put VR goggles on. When I got in, I hung up my coat and went into a pod. They put VR goggles and headphones on me. They also handed me two plastic poles. There were a wide variety of games to choose from, but I chose Star Wars first. In my opinion the Star Wars game wasn’t the best. The game I played after was much better as you got to draw around yourself and it was 3D. It was really awesome. Afterwards we were given a few snacks. At the end we were given cake and a party bag. I enjoyed that day and would definitely recommend going.