Carluccio’s – Newcastle – England – United Kingdom

It was dinnertime and we were going to Carluccio’s, a restaurant in the Metrocentre.

It was Italian and I had not been before. It looked like this

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For starters, me and my sister had breadsticks (it came free with the kid’s meal) the waiter was Italian he was from Venice which is here.


He was very friendly too. The breadsticks were nice and had cheese or something n them which was tasty. Once we had finished I ordered lasagna, my sister ordered chicken Milanese with my dad and my mum ordered fish. When they arrived, my dad had a long conversation with the waiter who seemed like he could go on forever. Once they had finished we started to eat, my lasagna was delicious one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


I wolfed it down and was finished before everyone else. Soon everyone was finished and the plates were collected. After 10 minutes or so we ordered desserts I had some ice cream

Which was ok, it could have been better. When everyone was finished, the restaurant was empty so me and my mum went and bought a recipe book that was signed by the author, the owner of Carluccio’ mum then had a 20 MINUTE! Conversation with the manager whilst my dad was still talking to the waiter.


Finally, we were ready to go. It was a funky restaurant and I enjoyed going here.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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