Publico – Brussels – Belgium

On our second day of our holiday we went to a restaurant in Brussels called Publico which was in the middle of the city. It was a casual sort of restaurant. We ordered drinks at the bar because the place was very busy. We then eventually got a table and our drinks. Mum and dad had an aperol spritz which I had a tiny sip of and liked, but Ben didn’t. I had a coke and Ben had an orange juice. We ordered food as this was a tapas bar you order lots of different little things for everyone to share. Mum and Daddy Waddy Laddy ordered some tapas, I got a steak, my brother got spaghetti with meatballs in it.

My steak was delicious and the chips were tasty too. here is ME

and here is me after eating it ALL!


Here is family food:

We got a tiramisu for pudding it was fantastic, delicious, scrumptious. I don’t know how to explain how delicious it was. I had to share it with the whole family though because it was huge. It was covered in dark chocolate milk chocolate and white chocolate it was fascinating.

We then went to a shop called ‘Carrefour Market’ we got some waffles for mums work , some water for the house and some bread.  And you wont believe it but all of it put together was only €5.50

We then called a Uber home – it was a fun day.

P.S I hope you enjoy it if you do go!

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