Dynamic Earth- Edinburgh- United Kingdom

Hello, today we got a bus and walked to Dynamic earth. It looked like a big tent except it was made of metal. There were double doors so my mum (MrsTravelFreak), my sister (MrsJuniortravelfreak) and I walked in.

As soon as we got in, right in front of us was a huge metal dome. It had lots of wires and cables going round it and I later found out it was from the theater down stairs. There was also a café with lots of tables and there was a ticket kiosk. WE then walked to the kiosk

We were given complimentary tickets from a friend who worked there, the woman at the desk was quite friendly.

We then walked down a set of stairs and walked into a room where  there were paintings that moved and showed us facts about the man who first thought that the earth had several layers. We then moved into another part which showed all the different temperatures of the earth. There was a few 3-year-old jumping around looking forward to going to an apparent time travel machine.

I then looked at a sign pointing towards a lift saying time travel machine. So I pressed the button to call for the lift and a few moments later the lift pings and the doors open. Inside it was like cargo lift so pretty big and on all of the walls were screens and a recorded voice said “welcome fellow time travelers hold on for we are going to when time first began. The doors then closed and all of the screens lit up and a dial with a pointer spun on the screen and was going moving different dates rapidly.

We then got off the lift and a woman working there said “hello welcome to my spaceship the world has not yet been made”. We all then looked at a screen that showed us the big bang, all of the asteroids, the sun being made, the moon being made, earth being made and the galaxy forming. It was interesting. we then moved into a room that on speakers said you are now in a volcano when earth is 4 billion years old.

It explained the earth separating and rejoining it said the continents move at the speed of how our fingernails grow. It then explained the volcano erupting and it shook the floor. We then moved in to a room that was covered in plastic iceon the wall there was a screen explaining the cold climates.

After that we walked into a room and  a screen there was an animated man and I guessed that a man was talking into a speaker and pressing buttons. This was a room where we could look around so we looked around for a while until we were told to be seated in a seperate room. So we walked in, the seats were slanted backwards so i sat down and watched a clip about astroids. It was really interesting.

I then walked out,walked to the giftshop and bought some crystals. I enjoyed that day it was really fun, I recommend you go.

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