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Today we got the Mrt to Kranji then we got the bus to the wetland reserve. When we got there, there was five different paths to follow so we chose one, as soon as we got in I spotted a pirate spider.

It was the size of my hand and it was on a web. We then moved on and got to the swamp. We walked on to a wooden platform that towered over it and looked. We saw needle fish, lots of mud skippers and some crab spider ants.

We read a sign and it said that the crab spider ants are actually spiders but disguise themselves as their prey (ants).

We moved on to the bigger platform it was longer than the last one. When we walked across we saw some huts.2016-05-08 13.05.46

We went in it and it was quite cool and it looked interesting. We then moved on and got to a path that disappeared underwater when the tide came.

We walked along it until we all stopped when I spotted an Orb Weaver spider on a web. It was our first big spider in Singapore and My dad (Mr travelfreak) was scared. It was right above our head so I ran under, as did my family.

We did this a lot as there were lots more spiders on this path. We then walked some more until we came to another hut, except this one had stairs going to it. I saw spider eggs on the stair case so I hurried to the top.

When we got there there was a balcony with a wonderful view of the sea. We then moved on and walked a lot more until we came to the ranger centre.

We went in and there was air conditioning, it felt lovely because we had just gone on a long walk in the heat as described. We had a snack then my sister (Mrs juniortravelfreak) played in the children’s garden, it was quite cool. Then we went home.

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Mr juniortravelfreak

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