Margaritas, Dempsey Hill – Singapore

Today we went to a restaurant with my mum, dad and sister, it was called Margaritas. You might think that it was a pizza place but it was not, it was Mexican. We went in and the waiter gave us a table it was very busy. Then we ordered I ordered some chicken and beef wraps, my dad said it would be big and that I should share it with my sister so I did as he said and asked the waiter to give us an extra plate. My mum had something spicy because she loves spicy and my dad had some chicken wraps. We then talked for a little while and before long our nachos came. We ate some nachos but we were all very thirsty. Finally after a long wait our drinks came. My sister and I had a lime juice my mum had a weird drink and my dad had some beer. Then after a little wait we got our meals my wraps were amazing. After eating we went to the toilet paid the bill and drove of.

I think that you should go here.



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