Silken Puerta America Hotel, Madrid – Spain

When we got to the hotel in Madrid by Taxi (the taxi driver spoke Spanish), we saw that the hotel was lots of random different colours.


The hotel had writing in all different languages on the outside walls. When we got into the hotel my Daddy asked where our room was in the hotel. While he was doing that I nibbled on a sweet I got out a bowl at reception. When I sucked on the sweet it got smaller and smaller and smaller until I could swallow it. Then we got to our bedrooms, we had our room that joined onto Mum and Dad’s. We had very comfy beds. I like the hotel. The shower is weird because it’s a funny shape and the water scooshes in weird places.

Later on, we went to the pool in the hotel. It was quite small. I had thought it might be outside on the roof as it was on the highest floor, floor 13, but it was inside. We played in the pool but it was freezing cold and I couldn’t really play properly because other people were in the pool too and that wasn’t very fun.

I will take some pictures of our room and add them here later.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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