My Holiday – On the plane! (Mr JTFUK)

This morning, I got woken up by my sister jumping on my head!  I got such a fright that I nearly had a heart attack!!!  It was very early (04:00) and Daddy had woken her up because we were going on HOLIDAY!!!  We are going to Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and lots of places in Italy.

I got dressed in my shorts and sandals and my cool shark top with braces on the sharks teeth.  Do you like it?

My cool shark t-shirt

After we were all dressed, we got picked up and taken to the airport by a man called Colin who had a cool car.

We got to the airport and I helped check in Mummy and Daddy’s big bags but I got to keep my bag and take it on the plane with me.  We had to go through security and they checked our bags for electrical things which had to be taken out.

We went to the lounge at the airport and I got a waffle with syrup and some Coco Pops.  I thought the lounge was great.  When it was time to go on the plane, we walked to the plane and it was raining so I got a bit wet.

This is a picture of me in the plane about to type this post.

Me typing on the plane!

This is a picture of the view from the plane window.

Picture out of plane window

I will be telling you all about my trip.  I feel excited!!!

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