My Holiday – On the plane! (Miss JTFUK)

We are going on holiday today. In a plane. We are going to Madrid and Barcelona. Then we are getting another plane to Milan, then a train to Venice, then Siena, then Rome, then Tuscany. A little tour of Italy! So far this morning, I have been woken up by my singing Daddy, then I went in to my brother’s room and I woke him up. Then he said ‘go away!’ but then he realised we were going on holiday so he smiled and got up.

Then we went in a taxi to the airport. It was fun. We went to No.1 lounge at the airport. I liked the food. I wish they toasted the muffins though. I did get some yummy hot chocolate and some tasty apple juice. Next time I’m going to get a waffle like my brother did because his waffle was yummier than my muffin.

Then we got on the plane.  Here is a photo:

2014-07-08 06.56.51

I felt like a little nap so I snuggled into Mummy and had a sleep. Mummy thinks it’s really funny that I always sit beside her on planes and sleep. My brother sits beside Daddy and is always wide awake! Then when we swap on the way back my brother goes to sleep because he is tired from the holiday and I sit beside Daddy and chat. Mummy says it’s ‘entertaining’….

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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