The Balgeddie Toll Tavern, Near Kinross – United Kingdom

My sister (the other JuniorTravelFreak) was taking part in a dance show so my dad said we could go out for tea.  We got in the car and he asked me to tell him which direction to go in!  We drove through Scotlandwell and then we saw the Balgeddie Toll Tavern.  Dad turned the car into the car park and took the last space!

When we got out of the car, I thought that the pub looked very old.  There were some people sitting outside eating and drinking but we decided to go inside.  We sat at a table and were then told to move to another table because someone else had booked.

The pub had lots of pretend candles all around and there were lots of wine glasses on the roof of the bar.  This made the pub feel old fashioned.

Once we had been moved to the other table, we were given two menus and a children’s menu as well and we were asked what we wanted to drink.

I ordered a Lime and Soda and Dad ordered a beer.  Dad’s beer came in a huge fat glass so I had a try…

Dad's fat beer glass!

My Lime and Soda tasted fizzy.

We ordered Nachos and Garlic Bread and Cheese to share as a starter.  I ordered some sausages, beans and chips from the children’s menu and dad ordered Scampi, chips and peas.  There was lots of stuff on the main menu that I might have had another day and dad says that you can have a smaller portion of some stuff which is good.

The Nachos were great.  They had lots of cheese on top and some salsa and sour cream.  I liked the salsa here more than what mum has because hers is always really spicy with huge fat bits of tomato in.  YUCK!!  The garlic bread was cheesy and we ate it all.

My sausages tasted OK but they were not anything special.  Dad said his scampi was pretty good.  I tasted some and it tasted fine but I didn’t like the tartar sauce.

Dad didn’t have any pudding (because he ‘peed’ (spilled some peas) on the table) but I got ice-cream and Smarties which tasted good.

Dad says that our dinner cost less than £25 which is pretty good for what we had.

We went to the toilet before we left and it looked very old and green!

Dad says in the olden days the pub would have been used to take money (tolls) from people using the road which I think is very interesting.

Have you been?  I would love to hear what you think!

Balgeddie Toll Tavern, Wester Balgedie, Kinross, Kinross-shire KY13 9HE.

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