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We went out for lunch today because I wanted to take my great-gran out for lunch. I went to Alberto’s in Dunfermline with my great-gran, my TravelFreak Mum & Dad and my JuniorTravelFreak sister.

When we first arrived I wondered where we were going to sit as there were lots and lots of tables. When we first went in a man asked how many of us there were and offered us a choice of two places to sit.

I liked being in the restaurant; it looked like a nice place to have a meal. The restaurant looked a little fancy as there were some candles that get lit up at night but because we were there at lunchtime, the candles were not lit.

Here is a picture of me pretending to blow out the candle:

Ben with Candles!

The waiter gave me a kids menu, it had the menu on the outside and games to play on the inside. The menu had a special offer: ‘kids eat free’.  I got to pick from soup or cheesy garlic bread to start and there were four main courses including Spaghetti Bolognese, macaroni cheese, tomato pasta or Calzone.

The lunch didn’t take long to arrive.  I was excited to have my food as I was starving (or maybe just very hungry)!

I had cheesy garlic bread and pepperoni and cheese Calzone. The garlic bread was very CHEESY! Here is a picture of me eating it – look at the cheese!

Ben eating some very cheesy garlic bread

I liked the Calzone, it was a little soft – in a good way! I stole my mummy’s idea and had lime and soda to drink, it was fizzy!

The kid’s menu gave me a choice of two puddings, I got to pick between pancake smiles or ice cream sundae. I had an ice cream Sundae, it had yummy tiny marshmallows in it. It had different flavours of ice cream, it also had different flavours of sauce on top. It was SCRUMPTIOUS! My great gran really enjoyed her Knickerbocker glory too.

I would go back if I wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner but I might try something else on the menu next time just for fun.

It was quite expensive for lunch and my Dad was a bit disappointed that the ‘kids eat free’ actually meant that I only got my main meal free and not my starter and dessert.  I STILL WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN!

Alberto’s, 29 Bruce St, Dunfermline, Fife.  Website.

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